It starts with one thing…

About 10 years ago, I was sitting on my old dell computer browsing videos on youtube when 11 year old me came across a video of dragon Ball Z with a song playing over it. I thought that it olooked interesting so I clicked on it. What began was a piano playing a somewhat simple riff. My first thought was ‘hmm okay’ then a voice began to sing ‘it starts with one thing’ the man’s voice was rough, yet soft. Hopeful yet pained. This is my first memory of linkin park. After listening to In the end as many times as I could as often as I could for about a week on end I decided it was time to venture out and listen to other songs that made.

That next song would be Numb. I remember listening to it. That catchy intro riff. The angst filled verse. The simple chorus and the aggressive bridge. After this I was hooked on linkin park. For my birthday I got Hybrid Theory and Meteora. I would listen to these every morning and afternoon on the way to and from school(much to my mums dissapointment). When I heard that a new album, minutes to midnight would be released I begged my Mum to pre order it for me. After weeks and weeks of begging my Mum finally let up. I waited anxiously for that album to arrive. Before the album was released the lead single was unveiled and as you all probably know that was What I’ve done. It was also announced that it would be the main song on the soundtrack for the first Transformers film. Hearing the song for the first time, it had similarities to In the end. For me it was mainly that catchy intro on piano. I loved this song which only raised my anticipation for the album to arrive. The day it arrived I put it into my xbox 360 and started listening. It had a much more aggressive feel to it. A lot more pain in the lyrics. My personal favourite from the album was, the little things give you away. The song was filled with sorrow. Lyrically based around the events of the Flooding of New Orleans you could sense the sadness in Lead singer Chester Bennington’s voice.

I’m not going to go into detail on the other albums but I remember sitting in my room watching an episode of game of thrones scrolling through Facebook when I came across a link saying that Chester Bennington had killed himself. At first I thought, surely not. This has to be a hoax. I clicked on the link and as I read, my heart sank. It was true. Not long after I read that page did I see Mike shinoda on twitter confirming. The band I held in such high stead would never be the same again. I was overcome with a wealth of emotion. I was instantly taken back to that day when I was 11 years old and I heard them for the first time. But what followed was something I’d never seen before. When a celebrity dies there’s an outpouring of posts by people on Facebook. But this was different. People were telling their first memories of linkin park and just like me they were genuinely upset. This was a band that shaped people’s music tastes. A band who’s lyrics really meant something to people and had such a hopeful side to them.

The day that happened the world lost a truly great musician. An amazing man. But more importantly a saviour who helped people through dark times.

I lost a part of my childhood that day and I can say with no shame. That was the first time I ever cried at the death of someone seen as a celebrity.

As I finish this post The messenger came on my Spotify playlist, the message last simple. Have hope that it will get better.


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