Staying sane

As an aspiring actor, one of the most important things you can do is try and keep yourself busy. Whether it is finding a part time job or researching your craft, possibly practicing as well if you have the facilities and willing assistants to do so (which most of the time I do not unfortunately).

The thing that keeps me going during my second bout of unemployment in 2 years is knowing what I am actually trying to work towards. Having a very clear goal in mind can be the difference between heading in the right direction and flailing about all over the shop having no fucking clue what you’re doing. It may sound ridiculous but actually writing out what you want can help. If you break it down into sub categories like 10 year, 5 year, 1 year and then monthly goals. Once you have these down, put them somewhere you can see them everyday. Then you can remind yourself every day what you’re working towards.

My goals are fairly simple. My 10 year plan is to be a constantly working actor within film and TV with leading roles. My plan for 5 years is to have done as many bit parts, supporting roles and commercials as I possibly can. My 1 year plan is to have auditioned and gained my first paid role as an actor. My other plans include finding another agent and participating in various different classes

My main thing to keep myself motivated is watching film and TV. It may sound like the least productive thing I could do but when I’m watching things I’m trying to imagine what roles I could fit into which then lends itself to creating myself as brand, which is essentially what every actor is. I also watch copious amount of YouTube videos about acting to learn more about it and adopt certain techniques into my own arsenal of skills. Another thing that is important is keeping fit. For me that sport is now boxing, but whatever works for you is fine as long as there is something.

I can’t say what is going to work for others but these are the things that work for me. I hope these things resonate with people and adapt it to their own life.


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