There is no plan B

a team

My favourite question I get asked when I tell people I want to become an actor is ‘oh that’s great! what is your backup plan though?’. Backup plan? what the fuck is a backup plan? Now I know what a backup plan is, it is something you have in place just in case your main objective doesn’t quite work out. They say give yourself 5 years or maybe 10 and if by then it hasn’t happened then it probably won’t. People ask me this and I feel somewhat insulted to a degree. In their minds I have already not achieved my dream and am working some shitty 9-5 in an office somewhere wasting my life. The thing I want to say to these people is fuck you! I don’t have a backup plan because anything that Isn’t driving me towards plan a is irrelevant.

My views on a backup plan are very strong. If you have a dream and you want to achieve that dream but you have a backup plan, then in my mind you have set yourself up for failure. If you are already saying that I’m going to do this if my dream doesn’t work out then in your subconscious mind you have a safety net which you will almost certainly fall back on.

I want everyone to read this to realise that your dream is achievable, through hard work and laser like focus. I’m talking about reading up on the industry you want to get into until you know exactly what is going and who to watch. I’m talking about staying up till stupid o’clock practicing your craft until you know that you’re good at it. Don’t be someone who wishes they chased their dream whilst stuck in a dead end job.

Believe that you can do it.


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