First post


Welcome people to my new blog about acting in London. I Started this blog as a way of marketing myself a bit more and hopefully gaining some followers.

So first things first, why do I want to become an actor? A simple answer really… I love film. From a young age I was always engrossed in cinema, one of my first experiences with a live – action film was Men In Black starring Will Smith when I was about 3 or 4. For me it was the most amazing thing I had ever witnessed at the time, the special effects were spectacular, practical effects even better! I was mesmerised by the action taking place and it had me in stitches for most of the film. Even to this day, it remains one of my favourite movies purely because it started it all for me.

When I was in primary school my first role was as soldier number 3 in Robin Hood. I didn’t do much in it other than some very poor sword fighting, but I absolutely loved it. After that I jumped at any chance to get involved with school plays. However it was at secondary school where I started taking it more seriously. I took acting as a GCSE and throughout that experience I was given a big boost of confidence when I had very little. People came up to me saying how good what I did was or have I tried this, that or the other.

After secondary school I went on to study film at college, I figured that if I understood how films were made, I could adapt my performance to look better on the technical side of things then all I had to worry about was bringing my A – game performance to every shoot. Things didn’t work out for me in college so I decided to leave. It was after leaving that I found my current drama teacher, Paul David – Gough (IMDB him). it was from him that I have learnt the most and have gained the most experience. Through him and his school Totally Lit! I have also had the chance to workshop with some great actors and even film alongside them. I worked with Anthony Lewis (Emmerdale, Torchwood), Gemma Bissix (Hollyoaks) and Jez Edwards (Presenter). Working with these amazing people was a great experience as they gave me little bits of advice that they had also been given when starting out in the industry. The most valuable thing about being with Totally Lit! however is that Paul brings in industry casting professionals to audition us, whilst there may have been no job at the time, the fact that we met a casting director puts us ahead of the crowd if we are brought in to audition for them again. I have met with Sonia Allam (formerly Lime pictures, currently BBC) and Harriet Spenser (Lime Pictures).

Through Totally Lit! I also got an agent (Jacki Palmer Associates) whilst it wasn’t necessarily the best time for me with them I was grateful for the experience with them.

All in all this has so far been a journey that has spanned YEARS and it is still only just beginning. This blog is also a resource for discussion. If anyone reading has any questions I am more than happy to try and answer them. Remember, have fun. Your doing this because you want to, not because you have to!


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